27 October 2012

Life of a Blan in Haiti

Like anyone who lived in Haiti long enough, I know how it’s like to be a “blan.” And I’m tired of it. The daily grind, Haitian style, has a way of getting into your bones. So I decided to say f*ck all and expose the daily life of an ordinary blan in Haiti, without trying to be polite or trying to sugarcoat my thoughts. If it offends someone, so be it! If it makes people laugh... well, give me money! A big sponsorship will be nice, make it close to a million euros so I could retire early.
...and What better way to expose it with than solid grade sarcasm and good ol’ comics? So here’s my first installment of a series of comics called “Life of a Blan in Haiti.” Enjoy!

COMICS: Life of a blan in Haiti

DISCLAIMER: If you’re easily get offended, get off and stop viewing my comics! No, seriously. Do not comment. Make your own comics! These comics are for those with the ability to laugh at the daily hardships that all foreigners have to face in this strange land.

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