08 August 2011

Flyer Design: Gaz Kole, Ba Li Gaz 2011

Gaz Kole: Ba li Gaz 2011 flyer
Gaz Kole Presents, Ba Li Gaz 2011!

Alright, let’s roll baby! Here we go again, Gaz Kole Entertainment presents, Ba Li Gaz 2011! A street drag race for supercars, mosnter bikes, ATVs and UTV’s! Claim your bragging right in the first official drag race in Haiti! Check out the race venue here
Bali Gaz Flyer 2
Ba Li Gaz Flyer 2

Designing things for Gaz Kole is fun! There’s something about cars and speed that motivate designers more than pretty models posing in front of the camera… needing a bit of Photoshop. You could almost hear tires screeching and engines roaring when you do designs like this. Digitally adding the smoke effect was pure pleasure, like eating double bacon cheese burgers while running 200kmH on the streets of Port Au Prince, but of course without the jackhammer effect and crazy traffic common in Haitian streets. 

So don’t forget to checkout Gaz Kole’s Ba Li Gaz 2011!  

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