09 June 2012

Save The Restavek Children

It’s fun promoting our clients’ products and helping their brands grow, that’s my excuse for not saving Haitian children and helping Superman score a date with Louise Lane. Though, it’s very nice to know that there are good people at IOM who’re using their skills to actually help enslaved children in Haiti called Restaveks.

Unable to pay for their kid’s needs some parents voluntarily send away their children to become a Restavek, a.k.a. be enslaved and be abused for little or no pay. No freedom. Not fun. This system of modern day slavery has existed as long as rice and beans but no one seems to be doing anything about it until today. Thanks to the good people of IOM Haiti and Foyer l’Escale–a shelter for Restaveks–these children now have somewhere to run to and a chance to be reunited with their parents. Touching stories, really.

Even with our hands full with clients, we could all contribute to helping these children by promoting IOM’s campaign Frennen Sistèm Restavèk | End Restavek Abuse. Visit them, share, like and be part of the campaign or follow and give @FrennenRestavek a shoutout. Better yet, if you know of a Restavek child call 177 and help stop this form of modern day slavery! Or leave a comment below if you know of a Restavek child near you.

To the good men and women of IOM Haiti and Foyer l’Escale, kudos! 

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  2. Excellent must read blog post about the shameful silence surrounding the practice of childhood domestic servitude in Haiti, the restavek system.
    Its the silence surrounding this shameful practice that takes on by surprise. Even the esteemed Fokal cultural foundation - the only indoor cinema in haiti - which is supported almost entirely by the Opens Society Institute will not allow us screen the film made by a former restavek or hold an event.

  3. Hi Leonard, the good man in IOM!
    Yes, the silence and seeming "normality" of this system in Haiti is really awful and if you need me some help, let me know.

    And please share links where people could know more about how they can help Restavek children.