02 December 2012

Life of a Blan in Haiti: Haitian Cockroach vs Blans

A few weeks ago I encountered the first, or maybe one of the many immortal cockroaches of Haiti. A roach that just won’t die no matter how much you stomp on, hit with a slipper, smash with a broom, a frying pan and Culligan 5 gallon water jug! And after all this effort the damn critter would still manage to slither away from you! I swear, that if the world ends these roaches would still roam the, uh, nothingness of space! But despite this particular insect’s inability to die, nothing could be more despicable than an immortal roach that has gone airborne! 
So, without further ado, I present you this week’s episode of Life of a Blan… 

Life of a Blan in Haiti Comics: The immortal cockroach

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