22 March 2011

Hello World: Whitespace Love is On!

This was the original plan for the blog... proved to be too much work & involvement. -_-"

Finally, after much mental masturbation and procrastinating (since, errr, last year), Whitespacelover blog is up and running! Writing you from the sunny island, Haiti.
Much could be said about trying to be things which you’re not, and that is the excuse for the delayed release of this blog: if you’re a graphic designer you don’t try to code CSS for a blog template, that’s like trying to become fluent in Chinese in 10 seconds! It’s a real waste of time. You’re better off reciting all Photoshop hotkeys to impress the ladies.
So without further blah blahs, let me introduce you to Whitespacelover—an online space for my portfolio, recent works and anything of visual nature! Expect a few tips and tricks along the way and from time to time, some emo entries, so bear with me. But for the most part we’ll all be love, life and peace.
Enjoy! More good things to come!

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  1. This is nice Pong :) Keep it up :D

    -Kat G.

  2. @Kat G.
    Hey kat, thanks for the visit. Will keep it up, it's only the beginning. ;-)

  3. Hi Pong!

    Wah my blog has not been updated for a long time...Glad to know you are in blogger too :)
    Keep it up and kulitin mo ko to write and strive to get back into blogging again :)

  4. @myinstantdoodles

    hey niks! thanks for the visit! yeah it's nice to be back in the blogging world after a loooong time! :-)

    check back soon, will post interesting entries soon.