23 March 2011

SEO Whitespacelover

Borrowing tilt-boring-image concept from Magznetwork. Haha! >;-)

Whitespacelover soft launch via Twitter went, uh… let’s not say bad words. Look on the bright side, this blog is now 2 entries old, tested on a PC, search engine optimized (SEO for the web savvy) and now ready to be announced on Facebook. Family and friends, get ready for Phase 3! 
We’re not going to spend this entry talking about how to step by step SEO your blog, but let me just extend a helping hand to the old timer—pre-facebook bloggers—and to the newbs. Here’s a link to a complete guide on how to SEO your blog from Magznetwork Solution. 
Like what was said in the last entry, don’t try to be what you’re not, don’t write CSS when you can copy-paste it for free. Gets the work done faster, easier with the same or better result. 

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