16 April 2011

Super Designers

One of those nice magazine ads created in PubliGestion S.A.

Like Flash imbued with super speed, you go down to the brasserie, whip your camera out, zoom pass from one tank to the other, click, click, hop back to the car, jump into Photoshop, edit, edit, layout, design… the next morning client and colleagues come wowed by your superhero feat!  
One of the joys of working as a graphic designer in Haiti is it pushes you to your limits and forces you to go out of your comfort zone. With tight deadlines (very tight) and with the least amount of resources you find yourself creating a design that would’ve taken twice the time and thrice the resources in other countries. 
This Brana ad was created like that. The result is a pleasing design. Of course, the first paragraph is an exaggeration of speed but I imagine (actually, it feels like it) that’s how we work as graphic designers in Haiti. Haha! 

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