18 June 2011

State of Whitespacelover

state of whitespacelover
Let's cover this map with more colors! ;-)

After two weeks of silence here at Whitespacelover, a silence due to life’s ups and downs, the lover is back again! No excuses though. So let’s start with the state of Whitespacelover. I’m very pleased to inform that a lot of changes happened to the blog since it’s inception last year namely: 
  1. I’m very happy to report that since the 28th of March, we’ve been gathering more and more visits from all over the world—we have visitors as far as Russia, more and more visits from Europe and the US. Thank you all! The visitor’s map looks a lot better with colours all over it. Top five visits come from Haiti, US, Philippines and then surprisingly Switzerland followed by Germany! The visits may not amount to thousands but nonetheless Merci beaucoup ! Thank you! Salamat po! Und danke! 
  2. Whitespacelover.com is now an officially registered domain. Making it more search engine friendly. Gives it a nice image too and opens up possibilities! 
  3. Some SEO practices were implemented to the site, namely: 
    • The introduction of meta tags and alt tags in the images. For some reason the bots love those. 
    • Titles are now geared towards being search engine friendlier. 
    • And of course, the obvious, using labels and peppering entries with keywords. The better optimization for search engines, the quicker the content gets to you or to people searching over the web. 
Life might’ve thrown in its unpleasant surprise this month, but life just gets better and better. More good things to come in the future, so stay tuned for the next entries.
If you want to see specific things that are more relevant to you, please leave your requests on the comment page below. Thank you!

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