05 June 2011

Logo Padmasana

Keeping on a positive note, which we had for the past entries, here is a logo study made for Padmasana, the wellness clinic. It was a healing clinic in P├ętion Ville, Haiti before the 7.o-you-know-what. It’s not exactly your typical clinic but it’s more like healing through meditation and connecting with your inner self. Personally, the singing bowls session (plus crystals) is enough to make everything alright. It’s as if you’re feeling your body for the first time. Inner peace oOoohhmmmmmmm, Oooohhmmmm...

Padmasana illustrated logo
This is the logo that got approved. Followed all the request of the client. ;-) The request, a lotus flower logo with very organic lines.
Padmasana logo, grey
I personally like this one. Maybe it could still be revised to make it more simple.
Padmasana logo, black
Okay, least favorite, but some people really like it.

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