16 October 2011

How Much Does a Graphic Designer Cost?

time infographics from whitespacelover
I don't know if this realization is liberating or depressing. 876,600 hours to live. Unless I'm wrong. Graphic designers are not really good in math. Click infographics to enlarge.

You have 876,600 hours to live! Assuming you’ll reach your 100th birthday. If my calculation is correct: there are 24 hours in any given day. 365.25 days in a year, that’s 8,766 hours. Multiplied by 100 years, that’s 876,600 hours to live if you were born right now and if you'll reach 100 years old. 
Freelancers, in-house creatives, corporate/office, NGO, factory workers etc. We all have something in common, we’re paid based on the number of hours worked. Or if you’re a Tim Ferriss fan, that’s number of hours spent looking busy inside an office.
I just realized something today; we’re not paid for our time but for our life. So when someone asks you how much is your per hour rate, think of this: you have 876, 600 hours to live. How much does your life cost? 

EDIT: After a good chat with a new friend and some much needed sleep, woke up today feeling refreshed and liberated being aware that everyone has 876,600 hours to live... assuming you'll live to a hundred.

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