29 April 2012

Paragliding: Graphic Designer on Air

876,600 hours to live. After that last entry and a long silence, you’re probably expecting a packed suitcase, a one-way ticket to Europe and early Oktoberfest photos. Unfortunately that is not how things turned out. Just because you realized how you’re trading your time (your life) in the name of sleek designs, it doesn’t mean that you should pull off Justin Timberlake’s stunt in the movie In Time.
You must do something to compensate if you can’t say au revoir to being a graphic designer yet. Living like a rockstar at night is an option but paragliding might be better. It’s like being Peter Pan with a giant kite as replacement for happy thoughts and fairy dust. Of course, it won’t be as magical as flying over London to Neverland but I imagine the feeling would be the same, seeing Port Au Prince from a bird’s eye view.

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