29 May 2011

Photos Feel Goood

When gloomy days come, as creatives we look for ways to bring the sunny days back in our life so we could continue being designers, artists and, ahem, lovers or whatever role we play. It’s simply hard to come up with nice designs when you feel like your insides have turned into mash potatoes, even your swift 15-inch MacBook Pro feels like it’s been wrongly injected with a decaf espresso when you're not in-sync! 
So What to do? As for me, when these days come I turn to my personal Happy Days Archive, a.k.a iPhoto and Canon S95. It simply lifts you up to see vacation pictures, friends smiling, silly videos etc. Of course, no one can expect you to find endorphins seeing my family and friends fooling around, so let me just share these nice sunny pictures that is sure to make anyone feel better. Enjoy! 

ile a vache, haiti photo from a distant hill
Île à Vache, Haiti. Always makes me feel good when I see this photo. Especially when it's gloomy, raining outside and when my insides feel like mash potatoes.
abaka bay ile a vache, haiti
Abaka Bay, Île à Vache, Haiti. Good days. Good days.
the southern part of haiti
Oooooooooh. The South!
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  1. Splendides photos et superbe blog !
    Bravo Pong ! Je suis sûr que la gentillesse et la compétence dont vous faites preuve en toutes circonstances reviendra vers vous en opportunités et en succès.


  2. Salut Antoine ! Comment ça vas ?
    Ah oui. Merci ! Je l'espère aussi. ;-)