16 May 2011

For The Love of Whitespace

swiss style graphic design

“But whitespace is more than just a design style that was attacked and defended in Switzerland.  As often demonstrated in Whitespacelover, it’s a discipline. It’s everywhere and in everything we do. It’s the lull between melodies, the calm before a storm, the breath before an I love you too, the stillness in prayers and the silence that allows us to communicate. Whitespace is life!” 

When whitespacelovers are not busy eating, breathing and loving designs, they’re usually working as designers for creative agencies.
Here’s an entry, written by yours truly, at PubliGestion’s Bloggers Block—a blog where I also co-write. It’s a celebration or more like a tribute to The Swiss Style Design also known as, International Typographic Style or International Style. Without it our appreciation for excellent designs will not be the same. Of course, this is a visual design blog, so here are some visual goodies I created for this entry at PubliGestion.

vilfredo pareto law 80-20
One of the most useful, versatile and powerful law/philosophy of them all. If you apply this to your life, everything will change.
lorem ipsum dolor
Ever wondered about what's the true motivation behind lorem ipsum? Hahaha!
chinese brush stroke on old paper
Brush stroke. Nice Eh? If you notice, most of the images follow Pareto's Law. ;-)

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